Year Three

April 2021 


Dear Parents 


Summer Term 2021 – Year 3 Curriculum Newsletter 



In English this term, our reading and writing will be led by our Around the World topic. We will be diving into a variety of books which explore various cultures and locations. We will be undertaking an in-depth study of the book, ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ by Phillip Pullman with a particular focus on developing our inference and prediction skills. We will also be using the book as inspiration to produce descriptive and powerful writing, narrative stories and letters in character. We will also look at non-fiction writing through our ‘Around the World’ topic, producing a non-chronological report on Australian animals. 



In Maths, over the course of the term, we will be looking at time, graphs, fractions, angleslines, shapes and perimeter of figures. We will continue to practice our number work both through these topics and in daily fluency sheets. Please continue encouraging your child to practice their times tables: 2, 5, 10, 3, 4, 8 and beyond. 



This term the children will learn about plants. They will be looking in detail at the parts of plants and the jobs these different parts fulfil. They will be studying where different plants grow, the cycle of a flowering plant and the different methods used to disperse their seeds.  



In geography, we will be travelling around the world, exploring each continent. We will begin by looking at maps and geographical features of the world, including the Northern and Southern hemispheres, the equator, the tropics, time zones and longitude and latitude. We will explore both human and physical features of each continent, including their weather, animals, biomes and landmarks 



In Art and Design, the children will be continuing to learn about local history through ‘The Map of Wonders’. We will also be linking our art to our topic, looking at different aspects of a continent or country’s culture or geography and exploring it through drawing, painting, collage and other mediums. In DT, we will learn about foods from around the world to expand our understanding of what a healthy and varied diet looks like. 



In Information Technology, we will be using technology to compose music. We will also be creating an e-Book with videos and information linked to Native American culture through our Around the World topic. We will also be using different types of software to create digital art. 


PE & Games 

Year 3 will be focusing on acquiring and applying a range of Athletics, Cricket and Hockey skills.  In Athletics, the children will be improving the quality, consistency and effectiveness with which they perform a range of running, jumping and throwing actions.  In Cricket the children will perform a range of throwing, catching and batting techniques with increasing confidence, control and accuracy.  In Hockey the children will learn how to perform and apply a variety of skills, including: dribbling; passing; stopping the ball; tackling and scoring.  Within all of these activities the children will also learn to apply basic rules, tactics and strategies, as appropriate to each activity. 



In RE, our focus will be on Hindu Beliefs around gods and deities and the importance of the River Ganges and the role it plays in the Hindu religion.  



Not surprisingly, the focus in music this term will be singing! We will learn a variety of songs to improve vocal skills. We will finally be able to start the recorder so the girls will need to bring their own recorder to school on Wednesdays. We will continue to learn about music notation and basic music theory.   


Thank you as always for your continued support.  


Kind regards 


MrsAnderson            MrsLangdon