The fees for JCP for the academic year September 2020 – July 2021 are £1894 for the Autumn / Winter Term only, and £1990 for the Spring and Summer Terms (£5874 per annum), and are subject to an annual review in the Spring Term.

Fees are increased as required in September each year following consultation with the Board of Governors and the States of Jersey Education Department. Parents are advised of the new fees at the end of the Spring Term.

JCP’s fees are paid a term in advance by direct debit and payment is either taken in full on the first day of term or monthly, commencing 1 June, 1 October and 1 February for the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms respectively. All applications for entry, and continuing attendance, are subject to the ability of parents to meet the fees.

For more information, please contact our registrar Kate Robertson k.robertson@jcp.sch.je