Meet our Pupils

Head Girl, Angharad and her Deputy, Maisie.


"Jersey College Prep is a very happy environment. It’s also a very welcoming environment for everyone, no matter if you go here or if you are a friend of the school. It’s very happy and it feels like everyone wants you to be happy and succeed. 

All the teachers are lovely. They always want you to be succeeding, whether that’s in maths or in extracurricular activities. They want the best for you. 

Everyone just seems supportive of each other and we just want each other to do well. If you are making a mistake, teachers always say “that’s what happened today, what matters is what happens tomorrow, and we will help you get it right.

We work hard but we play hard as well! We have some very good laughs."


"It’s a very welcoming and safe environment to share with others all your learning. Everyone wants you to do well, whether it’s your teachers or your friends. 

It’s like a big family. All the teachers are very kind and they always help you with your mental wellbeing, it’s not just work, work, work. 

Pupils and friends will help you too. It’s impossible to be sad for more than 10 minutes. It’s an uplifting environment. 

Everyone always has fun! I just love that even if we are in school, we work hard but whenever someone says something funny, we all laugh. Teachers also know how to do a good joke."

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