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Head Girl, Eleanor and her Deputy, Lola.

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"Jersey College Prep is an amazing place and I would definitely recommend people come here because it’s a very big community where everyone is welcome. I have been here since reception; the teachers and the pupils are all very nice. I have never come home and said I wanted to change school! 

I went for the role of Head Girl because the school is an amazing place, and I was very happy to represent it and you can have a big impact on the school as well. Before, we did not really communicate with VCP and didn’t have meaningful links with them, and now we do things like tag rugby with them! I think my favourite thing was being able to make a big change. My favourite part of the school year was seeing the girls really enjoy that and say ‘we loved it! When are we doing it again?’ 

We are the leaders but everybody in the school has a big part to play. We are one community. I am really excited to find out who is going to be Head Girl next because they will have big changes as well and I am excited to see what they do."


"It’s a safe place for learning and sharing your opinions. I really like the community that we have here. 

I went for the role of Deputy Head Girl because I like taking charge in situations, I am a bit of a leader. I like communication with younger children and helping them. 

I like that everybody wrote about what they wanted, and the teachers gave them the roles they would enjoy and be good at! 

I was pleased we could get all pupils at JCP mixing in the playground so that it was a big community. Coming out of covid, it was really nice."