Entry to Reception

If you are considering application to JCP for the Reception entry year, please note the registration dates and deadlines below. Applications will not be accepted before the start date and deadline dates indicated below.

Birth Date
Reception Entry Year
Start Date for Applications
Deadline for Applications
1 Sept 2018- 31 August 2019
2023 Jan 01, 2021
15 Sept 2021
1 Sept 2019 – 31 August 2020
2024 Jan 01, 2022
15 Sept 2022
1 Sept 2020 – 31 August 2021
2025 Jan 01, 2023
15 Sept 2023
 1 Sept 2021- 31 August 2022
2026 Jan 01, 2024 15th Sept 2024

Entry into Key stage 2

JCP usually offers 11 additional places for girls from other primary schools to start at the beginning of Key Stage 2 every year. There is no sibling priority at 7+.

Places are gained through an assessment process, which will also include information from the pupil's current school. Students are expected to be achieving age related expectation or above.

Applications will not be accepted before the pupils have started in Year 2 in the September prior to when they start Year 3.

The admissions process begins once the College has received a completed application form for your daughter, together with an administration fee of £80.00. We will acknowledge receipt of the application when the application details have been entered into the College database. Application forms are below.

Application Forms

All applications to the College require an administration fee of £80.00. Payments can be made by cheque or BACS.

Cheque payments

All cheque payments should be made payable to ‘The Treasurer of the States’ and returned together with the completed signed original application form, to the College Registrar, Jersey College for Girls, Le Mont Millais, St Saviour, Jersey, JE2 7YB

BACS Payments

Please ensure when making a BACS Payment online that you make reference to your child’s full name.

Bank: HSBC, Library Place, St Helier, JE4 8NJ

Account Name: Revenue Jersey

Sort Code: 40.25.34

Account Number: 71212222

IBAN GB12MIDL40253471212222

Please send an email to the College Registrar Kate Robertson to confirm when you have made the bacs payment online.

Please refer to the admissions policy below so that you can review the process in respect to your child’s application.

Securing your child's place

Once an offer has been made by the College, a non-refundable deposit of £400 is payable to secure your child’s place and this is offset against the first term’s fees.

Notice required to be given in advance of a student leaving the College

A full term’s notice from parents is required if a student is to be withdrawn from the school roll, failing which, a full term’s fees will be charged.