Year Five

April 2021 


Dear Parents 


Summer Term 2021 – Year 5 Curriculum Newsletter 


Welcome back to a sunny start to the term! We may not yet be quite back to ‘normal’ but as we head through the term there are plenty of things to look forward to and new experiences to be had. As you can see belowwe have a few trips lined up: 


Tuesday 4th May – Crabbe – extended day until 8pm 

Coach from school, collect from Crabbe 

Wednesday 5th May – Francis Le Sueur Centre, St Ouen’s Bay 

Coach from school, collect from Francis Le Sueur any time between 3 and 4.40pm 

Thursday 6th May - Absolute Adventure – St. Brelade’s Bay, Kayaking and coasteering 

Coach from and back to school. Please note we will not be back until 4pm. 


(More information will follow shortly about these days) 


Monday 10th May – 5K visit to Eric young Orchid Foundation 

Tuesday 11th May – 5J visit to Eric young Orchid Foundation 


Monday 7th June - States Chambers  

Tuesday 8th/Wednesday 9thThursday 10th June: 9am –3.25pm - JCG experience Days.  

(The children will be split into three groups and allocated a day to attend (more details to follow)). 


When we are not learning out of the classroom, we have lots of learning happening in Year 5 



Our class reader is The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, which we will use to drive writing techniques and develop further reading skills and responses. We will also be preparing a debate for the States Chambers, focussing more this year on our live debating skills, responding to each other's arguments, and developing more spontaneous verbal responses. 



Alongside daily fluency and mental maths to keep key skills fresh and minds sharp, lessons this term focus on geometry, and measure. This allows for more practical based learning and investigations. We will also be revisiting Roman Numerals. 



We have started to dissect flowers already and our trip to the Eric Young Foundation will support our learning of life cycles in plants and animals, including humans. These lessons will be as interactive as possible, involving planting, observation, understanding pollination and fertilisation in plants and thinking about well-known local and global naturalists and the work they do.  



We will be learning about the history of the States Chambers and how our island is run.  We will also be finding out about the Aztecs. This will involve debatethe Aztecs were uncivilised; Montezuma was a weak leader. We will also be finding out about their demise and the legacy they have left behind. 

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We can now sing! Hurrah! Alongside lots of singing, we will be learning new vocabulary relating to food and drink. We will be developing conversational skills to enable us to order and enjoy food and drink from French markets and restaurants. 



This term we will be using Flowol to develop our computational thinkingcoding and programming and creating jingles and podcasts using different software. This will involve creating and presenting digital content and evaluating the effectiveness of our broadcasts.  



Not surprisingly, this term in music the focus will be on singing! We will be learning a variety of songs and work on improving vocal skills and learning to sing in 2 parts. We will revise our recorder playing and it will be important that the girls have their recorder in their bag on Fridays. We will continue to learn the ukulele and learn about music theory and the reading of notation. 



This term we will be doing rounders, cricket, athletics and tennis.  



Our focus is Prayer and Worship: What is the best way for a Sikh to show commitment to God? 



We will be designing and making our own beach bags, developing our sewing skills, ready to hit the beaches this summer! During our visit to the Eric Young Orchid Foundation, we will take photographs and use these to create botanical drawings and studies. We will be incorporating Aztec themed design into ceramic masks and learn more about using watercolour paints to study summer citrus fruits. This runs alongside the work we have been doing as part of an Island wide project ‘Map of Wonders’.  


We cannot believe it is already our last term together and look forward to all these exciting learning opportunities and a term filled with sunshine and continued hard work. As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or questions. 


Kind regards 


Mrs Killick              Mrs James