Year Four

April 2021 


Dear Parents 


Summer Term 2021 – Year 4 Curriculum Newsletter 


Welcome back to the Summer Term in Year 4 

This term, more than any other, will be a very busy term. Now that we are able to resume visits, we have some planned which will further complement our learning in the classroom. 



In English, the children will be focusing on persuasive writing, and we aim to link this in with the work that the children will be doing in geography on coasts. We will also be looking at how to write formal letters, in our case, a letter of complaint. We will be also reading our final class reader which is called ‘Christophe’s story’. Just a reminder that children should know all their spellings from their Year 3/4 spelling list by the end of the academic year. 



In maths, the children will continue their work on number (decimals-tenths and hundredths), shape and data as well as problem solving. We will also be looking at adding and subtracting amounts of money as well as mass, volume and length. Finally, by the end of term we will have also covered area of shapes as well as position and movement. By the end of Year 4 all children should know their tables up to 12 times 12 and we continue to appreciate your support at home with this. 



In science, the children have finished learning about human nutrition and will now be looking at food chains and classification. As part of classification and food chains we hope to be visiting Jersey Zoo this term to take part in workshops-the dates are to be confirmed.  We will also be looking at Dangers to Living Things and how habitats and living things can be affected by both natural disasters and man-made interventions. 



The children will be practising their word processing to write letters as well as using stop motion to show how coastal erosion works and how stacks, caves and arches are formed. 



The children will be looking at Coasts and how they are formed. They will be looking at how we as humans use the coast and also how to protect it.  



In PE and Games the children will be taking part in hockey, rounders, cricket and athletics.  



This term in music, not surprisingly the focus in music this term will be singing! We will be learning a variety of songs and work on improving vocal skills. We will revise our recorder playing and it will be important that the children have their own recorder in their bag on Thursdays. We will continue to learn the ukulele and learn about music theory and the reading of notation. 



The children will look further at the religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. 

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Art/Design Technology 

The children will be using coasts as a starting to produce some work based on Peter Knight’s coastal scenes around Jersey as well as producing some silk painting. 


Useful information 

We also hope to have a field trip to the Coast to further support our learning on coasts. This may also include a tourism survey. 


Kind regards 


Mr Paul              Miss Cummins