At JCP, we are committed to providing an inclusive learning experience for all our pupils. This is exemplified in the principles of our Core Values, Teaching and Learning Policy and the Ordinarily Available Document. Our aim is to provide an environment, which enables all our pupils to enjoy their time at JCP and to achieve their learning potential. 

In order to ensure best practice, we continually review and develop the learning experiences we provide for all our children, and the provisions we have in place to meet the needs of pupils who require additional support. We enable many of our pupils with special needs to develop the necessary skills and strategies, to overcome barriers to their learning. However, we recognise that there is a constant need to develop and extend our systems, and to provide effectively for those who remain on the SEND register for longer periods of time. At JCP, our SEND (Special Educational Needs or Disability) provision is designed to support teachers in providing full access to the Jersey Curriculum, differentiated to take account of particular needs and modified appropriately to ensure the maximum flexibility and attention to all pupils’ academic and personal development. 

During the course of their time at school there are many children who might, for any number of reasons, experience barriers to their learning. These might be recognised as a SEND or be triggered by factors affecting a child’s wellbeing, for example, changing family circumstances or bereavement.

For more information, you can refer to our Inclusion policy.