The School Day

All children commence school at 08:45 with the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 finishing at 14.45 and Key Stage 2 pupils finishing at 15:00. 

There is a 15 minute break mid-morning and an hour for lunch between 12:00 and 13:00.

Daily Routines

08:00 The school playground is open to KS1 & KS2 pupils. There will be members of staff on duty on the playgrounds.
KS1: Bottom playground
KS2: Top Playground
EYFS (Reception pupils MUST be supervised by an adult/parent)
08:30-08:45 Children supervised in KS1 & KS2 playgrounds and inside classrooms.
Reception: Parents can settle children in their classrooms from 8.30
08:50-10:30 Registration - CURRICULUM LESSONS
10:30-10:45 Mid-Morning Break
Please provide a healthy snack for your child’s mid-morning snack. Children will have a 15 minute break time in the school playground and snacks are eaten outside. Please ensure that packaging is kept to a minimum.
EYFS have separate timetable.
12:00-12:55 Packed Lunches are eaten in the classrooms under the supervision of a lunchtime supervisor.
Lunchtime is one hour and is split into two halves; half an hour to eat and half an hour for outdoor play.
Hot Lunches are available to pupils in Key Stage 2 (Year 3 to 6 only). The lunches are prepared by the JCG kitchen and the children are escorted there and back by our lunchtime supervisors. Lunches are ordered online in advance.
13:00 – 14:45
13:00 – 15:00
End of Day EYFS & KS1 - Children are collected from classroom outdoor areas.
KS2 - Children are collected in year group waiting circle areas.Some children attend After School Club (Little Leopards) and will make their way to the music room at 3pm. Staff to accompany KS1. Some KS2 children attend Bus Club and will wait in Library to be collected and taken to the JCG bus area.

Special Arrangements for Collecting Children 

Please notify your child’s Class Teacher before school if someone different is collecting your child from school or the mode of collection changes. Please endeavour to do this as early as possible, school is a busy place and taking and passing these messages onto children and staff detracts us from our core purpose. 

Other End of Day Arrangements for Key Stage 2 Pupils 

We have closely looked at the options at drop off and pick up times at the start and the end of the day due to heavy congestion in the car park and surrounding areas.  Whilst, as a school, we have an Island-wide catchment and a number of families may not necessarily be on a main bus route, we would like to encourage you, as parents, to consider some possible alternatives to using the car park at JCG.  They are designed for Key Stage 2 aged children: 

  1. Bus Club: Children are supervised here until about 15:30 when they are escorted across to JCG where we make sure they get on the correct bus. You would need to ‘register’ with us for this option via the parent portal on the school website and buy a bus pass from the bus station. The buses are not suitable to take younger children (Rec/Key Stage 1).
  2. Meeting a sibling/friend at VCP: How about meeting up with a brother/friend at VCP.  KS2 children could walk down to VCP straight after school, without having to cross a road. 
  3. Arrange to meet at an alternate place/collection point: Probably for the more confident children. You can decide where is an appropriate place to meet your child. 

Due to Safeguarding regulations and in order to comply with the JCG Risk Assessment, pupils are not allowed to access the JCG carpark unaccompanied. Primary School children MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

If you would like to try any of these alternatives as a regular arrangement and alternative to using the car park over at JCG, please make sure that your child(ren) are really confident in what to do/where to go.  We do ask that you let us know by email to if you decide on options 2 or 3 so we can keep a central record of what your child is doing. Please only let us know of any changes on the day if absolutely necessary. 

Bus Club enquiries should be addressed to