Mindset of Service

Ensuring all students possess a mindset of service to their community is one of our main aspirations. 

Our vision is for students to be able to find fulfilment in service to others by the time they leave the College at the end of Year 13. 

We want students to engage in acts of service from the age of 4 to 18, and we provide them with multiple opportunities to do so.

The image below shows some of the opportunities our pupils have had access to.

Feedback from students shows how valuable and rewarding their volunteering experiences have been and how the mindset of service has inspired them.

Early Years Leaders


"We expanded their horizons of friendship and helped them to connect them together. We help them build long-lasting friendships. By playing with them and supporting them we are able to visualise the heights and frights they could feel." 


"I love my role as Early Years Leader because I love their positivity and imagination." 


"I really wanted to be an Early Years Leader because I love spending my time with younger students and watching them spread their positivity with me." 


"I love playing and working with the youngest children because they are new to the school. It is important to me that they feel welcomed and have a good sense of belonging." 


"I like helping them to make new games and friends which hopefully will continue through to the end of their time at JCP." Eva


"It was great playing in the bucket and spade orchestra - I wanted to do it all again!" 

"It was brilliant fun! I loved listening to all the different schools singing." 

" I loved singing in front of an audience. We haven't done that in ages!"

Litter pickers

Sophia (Year 2) 

"I helped out with our school beach clean because I love Jersey and I care about fish and birds."

Barley (Year 2) 

"If we all pick up a bit of rubbish from the beach, we can stop the sea creatures from eating it instead. It's good to be kind to nature."