Jèrriais Eisteddfod success!


Please see the following information from Mrs Sargent who has been teaching and preparing a group of our children for the virtual, pre-recorded Jèrriais Eisteddfod this half term. 

“The Eisteddfod took place yesterday and I am really pleased to say that the Year 6 group from JCP won the Dramatic Presentation class! They achieved 93 marks (a platinum certificate) and are winners of Le Prix Joan Tapley. The Year 4 group also did exceptionally well with 91 marks - another platinum certificate. Freya in Year 4 also won her individual class with 91 points and will be receiving La Coupe Lé Hérissier. The rest of the girls have received an assortment of gold and platinum certificates for their entries too. I am so pleased for them!”

Mrs Sargent will be in contact with all those who took part once the certificates come through. In the meantime, she has edited together their performances, with the adjudicator feedback, for us to share in one of our virtual assemblies after half term! 

Well done to all those who took part! #Excel