Instrumental Exams


Congratulations to all of our pupils who have taken exams under the new restrictions. This has meant that their pieces were recorded and sent to the Associated Board to be marked. No scales, aural or sight reading were included and yet 30 marks can be awarded for "performance" which is extremely difficult for children so young. A few children have not been awarded the result they and their teachers expected due to this new system and we have made a general complaint to the Associated Board. I am hoping that these performances will be remarked, and you will receive the marks you deserve. 

You have all worked very hard and I am very proud of you all. Congratulations to you all - 

Rosie Grade 5 trumpet (merit), 

Narindra Grade 1 piano, 

Amelia Grade 1 flute (merit),

Freya Grade 2 flute (distinction) 

Emily, Eva (merit) and Evie Grade 1 cello, 

Charlotte Grade 1 violin,

Mia Grade 1 piano,

Prutha Grade 2 violin.

Well done to you all! Mrs Smith