House Music 2021


Congratulations to everyone in Key Stage 2 who took part in the House Music Competition; we had 130 entries which is brilliant! 

The individual results are as follows:

Seniors (Year 5 and 6)

Strings: 1st Robyn, 2nd Sofia and joint 3rd Ella-Mae and Sophia

Vocal (classical): 1st Ana, 2nd Rosie and joint 3rd Molly and Ella-Mae 

Vocal: 1st Isabelle, 2nd Thea and 3rd Lily 

Piano: 1st Sofia, joint 2nd Clara M and Rosie, 3rd Shannon 

Woodwind: 1st Lois, 2nd Clara M, 3rd Freya 

Brass: 1st Rosie, joint 2nd Darcey and Maggie, 3rd Freya E 

Juniors (Years 3 and 4)

Vocal: 1st Holly E, 2nd Yugaa, 3rd Dina 

Piano: 1st Mia, joint 2nd Esther and Prutha, joint 3rd Amalia and Rose 

Strings: 1st Angharad, 2nd Florence, 3rd Abigail 

Woodwind: 1st Rose, joint 2nd Kitty and Adele 

Brass: joint 1st Isla and Daisy 

The overall House results are 1st Le Sueur 130 points, 2nd Du Pre 106 points, 3rd Gilbert 84 points and 4th Grandin 72 points. 

Well done Le Sueur but congratulations to you all! 

Mrs Smith