Year Three

Summer Term 2019

Welcome to the Summer Term in Year Three!
We hope you all had a relaxing Easter holiday and are looking forward to a wonderful Summer Term.

In English, we will be studying the stories ‘The Hodgeheg’ and ‘King Max the Last’ by Dick King Smith. The children will write a character description for one of the main characters in the story, plan a sequel and create a blurb to persuade people to read their book. We will also write a list of instructions to explain how to successfully grow sunflowers.

In Maths, we will cover time, pictographs and bar graphs, fractions, angles, lines and shapes and perimeter. We will also continue to develop our skills of adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying in order to solve real life problems.

In Science, we will be studying plants. We will use our scientific skills to set up experiments to explore how the amount of water and light can affect plant growth. The children will also take part in a sunflower challenge, which will require the children to nurture their sunflower seeds and carefully monitor how their plants grow. They will measure, using centigrade, centimetres and millilitres and record their findings in a diary. We will learn to identify and name the basic parts of flowering plants, such as the roots, stems, leaves and flowers and describe the functions of these parts. We will also investigate the way in which water is transported within plants and explore seed dispersal. 

In IT, children will continue to develop their coding skills using ‘Tynker Hour of Code’ and will use the internet to research facts about hedgehogs, which they will present to the class using PowerPoint.

In PE, we will be learning the skills for Rounders, Cricket and Athletics. We will also be getting fit and practising for Sports Day!

The focus in music this term will be exploring sound colours. The girls in Year 3 will listen to contrasting pieces of music and discuss the images created. They will work in groups to compose music to describe different pictures – choosing appropriate instruments and combining sounds to capture the mood of the picture. They will continue to play the recorder and learn the notes on the stave. They have sung a variety of seasonal and topical songs throughout the term and learned to play accompaniment parts using tuned percussion.

In RE, we will be studying Hinduism through drama and discussion. We will be researching some of the different Gods that Hindus worship and learning about the importance of the River Ganges.

Art/Design Technology
In Art, we will be studying the work of Van Gogh and will create various pictures of flowers using a range of mediums. We will also learn how to draw hedgehogs and have the opportunity to be town planners when creating a map of the setting in the book ‘The Hodgeheg’. In DT we will explore which materials are best to use for building a home for a hedgehog in the Forest School area. We will also use various tools to create a healthy fruit salad.

We have a busy Summer Term ahead, but we are sure it will be full of excitement and fun!

Kind regards,
Mrs Walsh                      Mrs Marshall                    Mrs Hibbs