Year Three

September 2020 

 Dear Parents, 

Autumn Term 2020 – Year 3 Curriculum Newsletter 

Welcome to the Autumn Term in Year 3 

The children have settled into their first term in Key Stage 2 and are getting to know their new routines, making a very positive start to Year 3. Outlined below are some details about the subjects and work that we will be covering this term.   


Our English focus this term will be ‘Twisted Tales’. Through this unit, your child will be considering the importance of perspective and persuasion in creative storytelling by experiencing some well-known tales from a different point of view. We will be writing within a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres including newspaper reports, persuasive letters, play scripts and diary entries.  

 Through a wide range of extended writing opportunities, as well as discrete teaching of grammar and punctuation, your child will be developing their understanding of conjunctions, fronted adverbials and inverted commas to indicate speech. 

 Throughout this unit, your child will be exposed to a broad range of texts, and will be learning specific reading skills such as inference, prediction, summarising and retrieving information. They should continue to read for approximately 15 minutes each day at home 


This term in mathematics the children will be focusing on: 

The children will be working on improving their mathematical fluency through daily practice of these skills as well as being able to apply their knowledge in a wide range of reasoning and problem solving contexts. 


In science this term we will be investigating ‘Forces and Magnets’ and ‘Light’. During the first half term, we will compare how objects move on different flat surfaces, observe how magnets attract and repel and learn about the different types of forces. In the second half of the term, we will learn about how light can be reflected from surfaces and recognise that shadows are formed when the light from a light source is blocked by a solid object. 


In IT, we will be covering different elements that form the main three strands of the Jersey Computing Curriculum, these being Computer Science, Digital Literacy and IT Skills. In the Autumn Term, we will be introducing the children to block-style coding and debugging simple programmes. We will then be using the Puppet Pals app to create our own animations that will re-tell a traditional fairy tale. We will also be using technology as a useful means of supporting their learning across the curriculum in addition to carrying out web searches and using the internet as a research tool. 


In geographythe children will be focusing on the UK. They will be learning about the physical features of mountains, rivers and seas as well as manmade features such as cities and counties. They will find out how the UK has changed over time, looking at how London grew and how the population of the UK has changed throughout the course of history. Our history learning this term will be linked to our English topic of ‘Twisted Tales’. We will be looking at how traditional tales have been passed on in several different ways. We will look at how they have changed over time by exploring different versions of well-known fairy tales. 


In PE this term, the children will be focusing on acquiring and applying a variety of skills in Gymnastics, Football and Netball.  In Football and Netball, they will develop their understanding the game, and application of key techniques necessary to play each game.  In Gymnastics, the focus will be on developing their knowledge and application of core Gymnastics skills in both floor and apparatus work. 


In music this term, the Year 3 pupils will be exploring how music can create emotion and be descriptive. They will work in pairs to create their own music to describe the characteristics of certain animals. They will listen to recorded music and discuss the feelings and atmosphere created by the music such as “The Carnival of the Animals.”  Although we are not allowed to sing during the ongoing situation, we will learn to play accompaniments to tunes using tuned and untuned percussion. We will continue to learn rhythm notation that we started in Year 2 and play listening games to improve our listening skills.  


In RE we will be exploring celebrations within Hinduism and Christianity. The children will be investigating what happens during the festival of Divali and whether the celebrations bring a sense of belonging to Hindus. In the second half of term, we will be beginning to look at the Christian celebration of Christmas, and whether it has begun to lose its true meaning in the modern day. 

 Art/Design Technology 

Your child will be learning about the artist Paul Klee whose style was influenced by expressionism, cubism and surrealism. We will study and use his art works to inspire out own geometric castles. We will also be producing our own forest school fairies using a range of natural materials. We will be exploring different mediums, including ink marbling and collaging the create art linked to our English learning. 

 Useful information: 

 As always, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Kind regards, 


Mrs Langdon                            Mrs Anderson