Year Six

Spring Term 2020 – Year 6 Curriculum Newsletter

Happy New Year! This New Year brings many new challenges and exciting learning opportunities for us in Year 6. Following our whole school focus this term we will be trying to be resilient in our learning.

Our cross-curricular topic this term is World War II. During our study of World War II, we believe it is important to study our local history and so, we will also be learning about the Occupation of Jersey. We will be welcoming guest speakers to share with us their occupation experiences – should you have any family members who would like to share their experiences of life during World War II, please let us know. To conclude this topic we shall be visiting the Jersey War Tunnels.


This term we are studying the book Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll.  This book is a gripping adventure set in World War II. We will be exploring issues and themes through creative writing, Drama and discussion/debates. We will be developing our writing skills by exploring the Rose Blanche picture book based on the Holocaust.

We will also be channeling our creative ideas through poetry.


This term, we will be covering fractions (simplifying, equivalent, adding/subtracting, multiplying and dividing), measurements (converting measures, area and perimeter), word problems (using a variety of techniques and maths skills), Ratio, Algebra and Geometry. Don’t forget to encourage your daughter to log on to ‘Times Tables Rockstars’ to practice those all-important times tables!


Our Science topics are ‘Our Bodies’ and ‘Electricity’.


The core themes we will be exploring this term are Dreams and Goals and Healthy Me.


Our RE focus throughout the year is split between Christianity and Islam.  This term, our focus is mainly on Christianity with a focus on the question: ‘Is anything ever eternal?’ After half term our enquiry changes to: ‘Is Christianity still a strong religion 2000 years after Jesus was on Earth?’

Art & DT

In Art, we shall be making use of cross-curricular links. We will be creating silhouette artwork based on the Blitz and creating our own propaganda posters.

We will also do water colour and ceramic studies inspired by Tiffany.

In DT we will be researching and creating recipes from the Jersey Occupation.


We are very lucky to have a French specialist from JCG teaching French to Year 6.  She will come for a one hour session every Tuesday.


This term in music the focus will be on improving our recorder and keyboard skills. We will continue to learn about music theory and improve our reading of notation. We will sing a variety of songs linked to the class topic on World War 2 and use recorders, keyboards and tuned percussion to play accompaniments. All the year 6 girls will be rehearsing with their house choir for the music competition after half term. Many of the girls will also be rehearsing for the various performances which will take place in the Open Day Concert at the end of term.


In PE, we will be continuing to focus on developing the children’s net games skills and control in squash. We will focus on playing a rally using a range of shots.

 Swimming: Year 6 swimming focuses on ‘Life-saving and rescue methods’. They will be able to assess danger and respond appropriately while maintaining their own safety and demonstrate basic Life-saving rescue methods – performing these with increasing confidence.

 Hockey: There will be a focus on various drills to develop; moving/running with the ball; vision; ball-control; agility; passing; receiving and tackling. They will play games and learn patterns of play in attack and defence. Whilst learning these skills, they will also be developing teamwork – communication, roles, rules and sporting behaviour.

 We will be working very hard this term and we are looking forward to sharing our learning with you on Open Day at the end of term.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to pop in or email us: our doors are always open.

Kind regards

Mrs Pateman                           Mrs Jefferson