Year One

September 2020 

 Dear Parents, 

Autumn Term 2020 – Year 1 Curriculum Newsletter

Welcome to the start of the new school year! After an enjoyable summer holiday, the children are now settling back into the routine of school life. We would like to inform you about aspects of the curriculum for this current term.  



In English this term, the children will be focusing on stories with repeating patterns, information texts and poems with pattern and rhyme.  

Weekly Spelling homework will be set after the autumn half term break. These will be given on a Monday and tested on a Friday. 

Due to current regulations, the children will choose three books on a Monday that must be returned on Friday. This is a good opportunity to re-read and discuss the texts, which is a key objective for Year One. Additional reading books will be available on Rising Stars. Please record daily reading in your child’s reading diary. 

Children should read for approximately 15 minutes each day.  Children will participate in focussed reading sessions throughout the week.   



In Maths this term, your child will concentrate on: 



In Science, the children will be studying animals. They will classify these into different groups and describe and compare them.  They will also identify, name and label basic parts of the human body and learn about their senses.  



The children will be developing their computer skills in IT lessons.  They will learn what an algorithm is and how to sequence instructions to make a Beebot move.   



We will be finding out all about our school and using maps in our Geography lessons.  



In PE this term, your child will be participating in various gymnastics and physical activities. In  

gymnastics, they will be focusing on developing their balance, coordination, flexibility and strength through  

participating in a range of increasingly difficult activities both on the floor and on apparatus. In physical  

literacy, they will work on activities which improve the confidence and competence with which they perform  

various fundamental movement and sports skills. 



Music is taught by Mrs Smith.  This term in music, our Year One children will enjoy a range of musical activities. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions on music we are not allowed to sing at this time, but we can learn action rhymes and use movement to explore different musical elements such as dynamics and pitch. We will explore the different sounds made by instruments and use the tuned and untuned percussion instruments to play rhythm games and add musical accompaniments to the story “The Little Blue Jeep.”   



In RE, we will be studying the religion of Christianity and focus on ‘The Creation Story’ and the story ‘The First Christmas’. 


Art/Design Technology 

We have some creative Art activities planned based on colour mixing and linked to our cross-curricular themes. 


Useful information: 

      Children should come to school in their PE kit. 


You can help to support your child by: 

Please make sure that your child has their painting apron and a named bottle of water in school.  As the weather gets colder please ensure that your child has a warm coat in school and over the next few weeks they may still need their sunhats on warm days. 


We are looking forward to our busy term.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to pop in and ask one of the team. 


Kind regards, 

Mrs. Harries                        Mrs Walsh                                       Mrs Duquemin