Year Four

Spring Term 2020 

Happy New Year to your all!


In English, the children are reading the children’s novel ‘Invasion’, this links to their History topic this term, The novel is based on events of the Battle of Hastings. The children will be basing some of their writing on this historical novel and will be producing some news reports based on events surrounding this pivotal event.


In Maths, the children will be looking at multiplication and division as well as applying all operations to their problem solving. Please keep up all the good work at home with ensuring they know their tables off by heart; this really does make a huge difference to their confidence in maths. We will also be looking at interpreting different types of graphs and also at fractions.


In Science last term the children investigated liquids, gases and solids and have finished off by looking at the water cycle. We will also be looking at the human digestive system after half term; this will prove to be a little messy! They will be looking at sound and how it travels, as well as how our ear works. We will be using data loggers to measure different sounds around the school in decibels; as well as to test the sound insulation properties of certain materials.


In History, we will be learning about the Middle ages and in particular, the Battle of Hastings, the Anglo-Saxons and the Normans. We will be using the Bayeux tapestry as a primary source to find out about the battle. The girls are also producing some tapestries based on our tapestry work. We will be visiting Mont Orgeuil Castle (which was built in the Norman period) and looking at how Jersey aligned itself to the English Crown in 1204, rather than France.


In Art and DT, the children will be producing their own tapestry, based on the ‘Bayeux tapestry’ in their history topic. They will also be constructing their own Motte and Bailey castle. Finally, the girls will be designing and testing their own siege catapults.


In IT we will be learning how to green screen as well as using IT in Science to look at sound and how it travels and how we can measure it.

 PE & Games

In PE and Games we will be taking part in Football and Hockey. We would like to remind all parents that pupils need shin guards and gum shields for hockey and shin pads for football. Please could these be kept in school so we can concentrate on the games sessions rather than chasing kit.


In RE, we will be looking at how important is it for Jewish people to do what God asks them to do? We are learning to understand how celebrating Passover and keeping Kashrut (food laws) help Jews show God they value their special relationship with Him.

As you can see we have much to look forward this term. If you have any queries about this term, please do not hesitate to come and speak to us.

Kind regards

Mr Paul                                    Mrs Toudic