Year Four

Autumn Term 2020 

Dear Parents, 

Welcome to Year 4 

We hope you all had a good summer holiday, though a little less normal no doubt! The children have an exciting and busy year ahead of them! They have all settled well into our new routines and have shown to be incredibly enthusiastic to start our new topics and subject challenges. We feel this is a perfect opportunity to inform you of some organisational details and introduce you to our exciting and challenging curriculum this year.  It is important that students bring their homework diaries to school each day., this way that can write up their reading from the night before. 


In English we are currently studying poetic imagery, and will begin to focus on story writing in a Neolithic story retelling. The girls will also be taking part in some drama where we will be travelling back in time to the Stone Age using Now Press Play. 


Maths this term focuses on number work and problem solving.  We will work on the 4 operations, focusing on place value and tables. We will regularly use and apply the maths skills we learn, to investigate and solve problems. In addition, the girls will be practising their times tables and we would encourage short, frequent practice at home (Times Table Rock Stars is great for this-let us know if any problems with log-ins etc We are currently ensuring that all classes are update to reflect the new classes).   


In Science we are learning about electricity and circuits, then gases, solids and liquids. We will be making our own musical keyboards using everyday objects such as bananas! 


We will be exploring circuits with the use of makey makey kits. 


This term our topic is Neolithic. We are also planning in conjunction with Jersey Heritage a ‘Virtual Visit’ to  La Hougue Bie  where we will travel back in time to the Stone Age. Our topic will extend to English tasks, IT and all aspects of our foundation curriculum. 


In PE this term, the children will be focusing on developing, adapting and applying a variety of skills in gymnastics, football and netball. In football and netball, they will further develop their understanding of each game, and begin to understand how to apply and adapt key techniques necessary to play each game. In gymnastics, the focus will be on further developing their knowledge and application of core gymnastics skills and concepts through both floor and apparatus work. 


This term in music, the children in year 4 will be exploring rhythm using a variety of percussion instruments. We will continue to learn about different rhythm notation, revising everything we learned in year 3 – minim, semi breve, crotchet and quaver and now learning about dotted rhythms. Although we are not allowed to sing during the ongoing situation, we will learn to play accompaniments to tunes using tuned and untuned percussion. We are also not allowed to play the recorder so I am hoping the girls will enjoy learning the ukulele instead. I have ordered one for each child and myself and I am sure we will enjoy this new experience! 


As part of our ‘Jigsaw’ PSHE lessons, we will be starting with ‘Being Me in My World’.  


In RE, we will be looking at Christianity and Islam.  


We have planned a wide variety of art activities for the term. The children will begin to explore a variety of mediums including sketching, pastels and painting using various paints and surfaces. They will also be doing some clay work with pottery to link with our Neolithic topic. Aprons must be in school to avoid creating a very messy uniform! 


Each class will have a session of French each week, taught by Mr. Paul.   

As you can see we have much to look forward this term.  If you have any queries about this term, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Kind regards, 

Mr Paul                                    Mrs Toudic