Year Five

Spring Term 2020 – Year 5 Curriculum Newsletter

Happy New Year! This New Year brings many new challenges and exciting learning opportunities for us in Year 5. Following our whole school focus this term we will be trying to be resilient in our learning.


Our Geography topic this term is The Rainforest and as part of this, the girls will be asked to complete an independent animal study. Regular homework time will be allocated to this project over the first half of this term, culminating after half-term with an opportunity to share their research. We will also be employing our research skills in class time to discover why the rainforest is so important and what the future holds for it. We will focus on the Amazon and have an opportunity to discover about the way of life and traditions for some local people and tribes (but from the classroom, sadly!). Some of our design and artwork will be based on this cross-curricular theme and we will be learning and practising 3D art skills using clay and collage.


Within English we are focusing on persuasive writing, poetry and exploring narrative techniques. We will continue to develop our reading skills with a rich variety of texts, mainly Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.

One key event we are eagerly anticipating is our States Debate. On the morning of Monday 2nd March we will be holding our own debate in the style of a ‘States Sitting’ at the States Chamber. In preparation for our visit, we are going to learn about how the States of Jersey governs the island and who the key Members of the States are. We will use our persuasive writing skills to put together a convincing argument for or against our proposal. Parents will be able to attend this sitting and details will follow.


In Maths we will be continuing our work using Maths No Problem focusing on word problems, reading tables & graphs, fractions, decimals and percentages. It is imperative that the girls continue to practise their times tables on a regular basis at home to build on their good foundations from last term.


Our Science topics are ‘Properties and Changes of Materials’ and ‘Forces’.  We are looking forward to these Science Weeks as it involves lots of ‘hands on’ experiments and investigations.


On Mondays during the first half of the term, 5K will be swimming and 5J will have hockey taught by Mrs James and Mrs McKeon.

In PE on Thursdays (1 hour per class on alternate weeks) Miss Bichard will be teaching squash to both classes using the courts at Victoria College.


Our focus in RE this term is ‘Sikh Stories’ where we will consider their relevance to today’s world. We will also be revisiting the Easter story and discussing its meaning.

We will be working very hard this term and we are looking forward to sharing our learning with you on Open Day at the end of term.

As you can see we have much to look forward this term. If you have any queries about this term, please do not hesitate to come and speak to us.

Kind regards

Mrs James                                Mrs Killick