Summer Term 2019

Welcome to the Summer Term in Reception

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
We shall be learning about relationships; how our behaviour can affect others and how to be a good friend. We shall also be learning about how we grow and change and talk about changes ahead as we get ready to move into Year 1.

Communication, Language and Literacy
This term we are consolidating Phase 3 phonics and have introduced Phase 4. We will continue to encourage children to sound out words phonetically when they are writing and write tricky words with the correct spelling. Please keep reading with your child at home. Encouraging your child to use the correct letter formation at home will support your child further.

We will be focussing on addition and subtraction, recognising numbers to 20 and beyond along with counting on and back from a given number. We shall be familiarising ourselves with some simple doubling, halving and sharing. We will introduce counting in 2s, 5s and 10s as well. Please support your child with their number formation at home.

Physical Development
The children will take part in athletic activities which will include running, jumping and throwing, along with basic movement skills. The children will learn about basic striking and fielding which will include developing skills such as catching, throwing, rolling and batting. We shall also focus on keeping ourselves safe and healthy.

Understanding The World
We have introduced our new topic about ‘dinosaurs.’ We will have a different focus story each week and be sorting the facts from the fiction. We will be learning about the different types of dinosaurs and looking at their habitats and characteristics. We will find out a little about Jersey during the week of Liberation Day. After half term we shall be learning about different minibeasts through stories and information books; we shall look for them in our school grounds and Forest School and learn about their life-cycles. We shall be listening to stories from different cultures and religions and also learning a little about Wesak and Eid.

In music this term, the reception children will sing a variety of seasonal and topical songs using movement and percussion instruments to explore the music. They will learn songs linked to the class topics of Dinosaurs and Minibeasts. The focus will be learning about dynamics through various activities and listening games exploring the louds and soft sounds in music. They will listen to the poem ‘Summer’s Hot’ and create their own music to accompany this.

Other Information
As we seem to be enjoying a warm spell at the moment we would be grateful if you could assist us in the following ways:

Kind regards,
Reception Team
Mrs. Scott Mrs Crute Mrs Cartmell