Autumn 2019

This term our learning will be based on the themes of

‘Ourselves’ and ‘Autumn’.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: we will be getting to know each other, our class and school. We will be learning how we are the same and different and about people who are special to us.

Communication and Language: we will be developing our listening skills and answering how and why questions. We will also respond to instructions. Through role play we will practise language to imitate roles and experiences.

Physical Development:  we will be dressing in rain suits independently, putting on and taking off our shoes. We will be experimenting with ways of moving, climbing and balancing. We will practise holding a pencil correctly and begin to form recognisable letters. The oldest children in the year will be swimming this term.

Literacy: we will be looking at a range of books. We will have daily phonics lessons to learn the different sounds letters make and to read some ‘tricky words’. We will be experimenting with mark making and early writing.

Maths: we will consolidate our number knowledge to 5, exploring ways of adding and subtracting to make 5 as well as how to write the numerals.

Understanding the World: through Forest School we will look at the changes in the seasons. We will recognise how we are unique and about special family events and celebrations. We will complete simple programs on the iPad.

Expressive Arts and Design: we will build a repertoire of songs and explore different instruments. We will mix colours and construct with a variety of resources. Through role play and small world play we will play alongside other children and develop and act out stories.

Monday: uniform
Tuesday: PE kit (swimming bag)
Wednesday: PE kit
Thursday: uniform
Friday: Forest School – long sleeved top and long trousers

Please ensure that all items of clothing brought to school are clearly named.

Sun hats and waterproof jackets to be in school every day.

How to help your child:

Thank you for helping your child settle so well into school. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.

Kind regards,
Reception Team
Mrs. Scott Mrs Crute Mrs Cartmell