It is important that all students wear their uniform smartly and with pride.  Our uniform reinforces a sense of identity and belonging to the school.

Girls’ uniform is available from Lyndale Sports and JSSK

Boys’ uniform is available from Redvers, (Lyndale Sports/JSSK – sweatshirts only)

The PTA also run a second hand uniform sale at JC Prep at regular intervals, giving parents an opportunity to purchase good quality items at reduced prices whilst at the same time raising some funds for the PTA.  Miscellaneous new items, such as hats and bags bearing the school crest, are available at the second hand uniform sale and by downloading a PTA uniform request from the School letters section of our website www.jcp.sch.je

For reasons of safety, children with pierced ears may wear plain stud earrings however, other than watches, no other jewellery is permitted.  Girls should tie their hair back with red, brown or black ribbons or bands where their hair is long enough to do so.

All items must be clearly named

Please see the uniform lists below:

Girl’s Uniform



Physical Education:


Optional Items:

Boy’s Uniform



Physical Education:


Optional Items:

Frequently Asked Questions


Do Key Stage 1 girls have to wear the regulation plain white polo shirt with the JC Prep logo on?

No, if Key stage 1 girls prefer they can also wear plain white polo shirts like the boys.

Can Key Stage 2 girls wear a non-regulation swimsuit as they only swim for 6 weeks a year?

Yes, so long as it is relatively plain. However, if girls are swimming to represent the school or in the public eye, e.g. Swimarathon they must wear a black regulation swimsuit.


What combination of shoes and socks are the boys able to wear?

Boys are able to wear grey ankle socks with their winter shoes and shorts in the summer.

In the winter they are allowed to wear grey ankle socks with long grey trousers or shorts with grey/gold regulation socks.

Do boys have to wear tracksuit bottoms with the school crest on?

No, if parents prefer they are able to wear plain black tracksuit bottoms as long as they are made of the same material as the top. (like the girls tracksuit bottoms.) However, this will not be the case at VCP where both tracksuit tops and bottoms must have the crest.


Should children wear both their blazers and coats in the winter?

All children are able to wear their regulation blazer and/or their regulation coat during the winter months.  However, when going on visits or representing the school they may be asked to wear both.

Do children have to wear regulation coats?

Boys in Key stage 1 are allowed to wear a plain black coat as opposed to the regulation coat so long as it is plain and displays no logos.  This is not the case at VCP.

All girls should wear the regulation coat with logo.

How many days a week are children expected to wear their sports kit.

All children have PE twice a week and wear their sports kit to school on these days, as opposed to getting changed at school.  Please bear this in mind when calculating the amount of other uniform that you need.

Do all children have to have a regulation back pack?

No, it is optional from Year 1 upwards.   All backpacks should however be plain black (boys) or red (girls)

Should children wear the sleeveless v –neck jumper or long-sleeved v-neck jumper?

Children are able to wear either a sleeved or sleeveless jumper at any time during the year.

In the winter are children allowed to wear a jumper or sweatshirt under their tracksuit top?

Yes, boys are allowed to wear a plain black sweatshirt or fleece under their tracksuit top, girls can wear a red sweatshirt with logo.

What colour do the painting overalls need to be?

Boys and girls can wear either royal blue or red overalls.  It is optional to have the child’s name embroidered on the overall.