Year One

January 2021  


Dear Parents  


Spring Term 2021 – Year 1 Curriculum Newsletter 


Happy New Year and welcome to the Spring Term in Year 1! We are looking forward to a busy Spring term.  



Our English will be based around this term’s topics ‘Fairy tales and Traditional Tales’. We will be having lots of fun designing wanted posters, re-enacting stories with puppets and ‘interviewing’ well-known characters in the hot-seat! Our learning in Science will inspire us to write poems about the seasons.  



In Maths we will be learning multiplication; division and fractions; and continuing to work on addition and subtraction word problems.   



In Science we will be looking at ‘Everyday Materials’. This topic will teach the children about materials including wood, plastic, metal, water and rock. Children will learn to identify and name materials and will have the opportunity to explore the properties of them. Children will be carrying out simple investigations. We will also be using a weather station to observe, measure and record the weather and compare the weather across the seasons.   



In History we will be using evidence to find out about the ‘Great Fire of London’, learning about the events and comparing London life in the past to present. We will also be studying ‘Castles’, why they were built and what life was like in a castle. We hope to make a special visit to Mont Orgueil.   



Our RE focus will be stories from the Bible, about Jesus and how he was a good friend. Nearer to the Easter break we will be looking at why Easter is important to Christians.   



It is a ‘New Year’, we will be discussing setting our own goals and challenges and how we celebrate our successes. After half term we will be learning about making healthy choices.   



This term music is still under the restrictions imposed on us due to Covid which means that singing is not allowed. However, we will continue to learn through playing percussion instruments and using movement to enjoy music. We will explore the difference between beat and rhythm – playing instruments to accompany music in a specific way. We will learn about the rhythm of our names and about crotchet and quaver notations. We will listen to recorded music linked to class topics and seasonal events such as “Winter” and “Fairy Stories.”  



Weekly homework will be daily reading and spelling practise (Monday -Thursday). Please remember that you can access more reading books online via Rising Stars.  


Thank you for your continued support. If you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher.   


Year 1 Team   


Mrs Harries             Mrs Duquemin         Mrs Walsh