Year Five

January 2021 


Dear Parents 


Spring Term 2021 – Year 5 Curriculum Newsletter 


Happy New Year! We hope that you all had a restful and enjoyable Christmas break. This New Year brings many new challenges and exciting learning opportunities for us in Year 5. We very much look forward to welcoming all the pupils into class and embarking on this term’s topics. 



Within English we are focusing on non-chronological reports, poetry and exploring narrative techniques. We will continue to develop our reading skills with a rich variety of texts, mainly The Explorer by Katherine Rundell which is an ideal choice to go alongside the Rainforest focus. Weekly spellings will continue to be given out on a Monday and the words will be tested and put into context as a dictation every Friday morning. In addition, 3 of the words are to be written into a quality sentence at home, as well as daily practice of each word.  



In Maths we will be continuing our work focusing on word problems, reading tables & graphs, fractions, decimals and percentages. It is imperative that pupils continue to practise their times tables on a regular basis at home to build on their good foundations from last term. 



Our Science topic this term is ‘Materials’. This includes the properties of materials, separating mixtures and the types of changes involved. We are looking forward to these Science units as they involve lots of ‘hands on’ experiments and investigations.  There will be opportunities to complete STEM activities whereby pupils adopt a problem-solving approach to certain tasks. These include distilling water and creating mini rainforest biodomes.  



Our Geography topic this term is The Rainforest. We will be employing our research skills to discover the richness of the rainforest, why it is so important and what the future holds. We will be studying the immense variety of wildlife and completing a research project on a particular living creature located in a rainforest by following a set of criteria. We will focus on the Amazon Rainforest and have an opportunity to discover the way of life and traditions for some local people and tribes (but from the classroom, sadly!).  


Art and DT 

Most of our design and artwork will be based on the cross-curricular theme of The Rainforest. We will be learning and practising 3D art skills: clay to produce a tribal mask, wood to design and construct a stilt house and collage when producing a layered image of a creature’s face using card. We will also be refining our watercolour painting skills when emulating the work of Giorgia O’Keeffe to produce paintings of orchids. In addition, we will be studying portraits of the rainforest and using colour mixing and collaging to create tribal portraits. 



Our focus in RE this term is ‘Sikh Stories’ where we will consider their relevance to today’s world. We will also be revisiting the Easter story and discussing its meaning. 



Tuesday: 5K athletics with Miss Bichard and Mrs Killick, 5J hockey with Mrs James (swap over after half term) 

Thursday: 5K tag rugby with Mrs McKeon, 5J squash with Miss Bichard (swap over after half term) 


Please note that shin pads are required for hockey as well as a rainproof jacket/a thin long-sleeved top for potential inclement weather.  Please bring a hockey stick only if you have your own. 



This term music is still under the restrictions imposed due to Covid which means that singing is not allowed and we will not be able to restart the recorder lessons. However, we will continue to learn the ukulele – learning new chords and playing 2 songs “3 Little Birds” and “Just the Way You Are.” We will use the tuned percussion instruments following the “Jazz 2” topic in the Charanga online music scheme to improve our reading of notation and rhythm symbols. We will explore what is meant by improvisation and compose our own sections of music. We will listen to recorded music and discuss the various musical elements. We will also learn a new song by sign singing which we have all enjoyed doing over the last few months. 



French lessons will continue to be as interactive as possible, using games (sadly no songs!) repetition, opportunities to listen and to practice speaking to introduce vocabulary and simple phrases. We aim to use directions to find our way around a town. We will learn how to express our preferences about food and to be able to order and buy produce in markets and cafes.  



The units for this term continue to be taught from the whole school resource ‘Jigsaw’. Mrs McKeon will be teaching ‘Healthy Me’ and ‘Dreams and Goals’. This is an opportunity for discussion and reflection, giving pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding to lead confident, healthy and independent lives. The Rights of The Child will also be highlighted and referred to alongside relevant curriculum activities.  


As you can see, we have much to look forward this term. If you have any queries regarding the learning for this term, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Kind regards 


Mrs Killick        Mrs James