There are three main strands of the new Computing curriculum: Information Technology skills, Digital Literacy & Computing Science.

The curriculum strand for IT skills is related to the use of computers for functional purposes, such as collecting and presenting information, or using search technology. Digital Literacy is about the safe and responsible use of technology, including recognising its advantages for collaboration or communication. Computer Science will introduce children of all ages to understanding how computers and networks work. It will also give all children the opportunity to learn basic computer programming, from simple floor robots in Early Years right up to creating on-screen computer games and programmes by Year 6, taking advantage of our iPads, robotics and wide range of computer software.

We also include a rigorous Digital Safeguarding Curriculum (eSafety) to ensure that all of our students are confident when using computers and the internet, and know what to do if they come across something either inappropriate or uncomfortable. We very much invite parents to work with us on this aspect of the curriculum and provide regular information on how to build and improve Digital Safeguarding at home. Visit our Student Welfare page for more information.