It is important to us that all students wear their uniform smartly and with pride.  Our uniform reinforces a real sense of identity and belonging to the school. 


  • JCP Uniform is available from Lyndale Sports and JSSK. 

  • The PTA also run a second-hand uniform sale at JCP at regular intervals, giving parents an opportunity to purchase good quality items at reduced prices 

  • For reasons of safety, children with pierced ears may wear plain stud earrings however, other than watches, no other jewellery is allowed.  Children should also tie their hair back when their hair is long enough to do so. Pupils are asked to refrain from wearing ‘fashion’ hair accessories and to keep bows small. Ribbons should reflect the school colours of red, white or grey. 


  • red regulation coat (choice of 3) 

  • grey regulation blazer (KS2 only) 

  • grey regulation pinafore dress/trousers 

  • long or short sleeved white open-neck blouse/shirt 

  • long sleeved regulation red V-necked pullover 

  • grey knee length socks or thick red tights 

  • plain black flat shoes 


  • grey regulation blazer (KS2 only) 

  • red/white regulation summer dress 

  • grey regulation shorts/trousers 

  • short sleeved white open-neck blouse/shirt 

  • white/grey ankle socks 

  • plain black flat shoes 

Physical Education: 

  • red shorts or skorts 

  • white polo shirt with JCP logo 

  • white ankle socks for outside games (no grey socks) 

  • plain coloured trainers with non-marking soles (preferably without laces for Reception/Yr1) 

  • red regulation sweatshirt (with logo)  

  • plain black tracksuit bottoms/ plain black leggings 

  • plain coloured speedo swimsuit (KS2 only when lessons are timetabled) – swimming cap (in KS2 House colours- available from PTA) 

  • shin pads and long red football socks (KS2 – only when hockey/football is played) 

  • mouth guard (KS2 – when hockey is played) 

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  • long sleeved painting overall with hanging loop 

  • stiff plastic wallet for homework (Year 2 – Year 6 only) 

  • red reading folders with school logo  

  • red baseball cap with school name  

  • red waterproof jacket 

  • wellington boots (Reception and Key Stage 1) 

Optional Items: 

  • red woollen scarf 

  • red gloves 

  • grey regulation woollen hat embroidered with the school crest  

  • red JCP backpack KS2 only (not required for Reception and Key Stage 1)  

  • sleeveless red regulation V-necked slip over 

  • red & black regulation windcheater top (with logo) for PE – KS1 & 2 


All items of clothing and equipment should be clearly marked with your child’s name