We have been looking at a uniform refresh for some time now and we are happy to finally be able to share with you the exciting developments that have been made. The new uniform will be available from September 2022 for any pupil or student starting at either JCP or JCG. Those with the existing uniform will be allowed to continue to wear it until it needs replacing. It is hoped that by September 2024, all pupils and students will be wearing the new design. We have put together a small Q&A which we hope will address any questions you may have.

Why do we need a new uniform?

It is important to us that all pupils and students of both JCP and JCG wear their uniform smartly and with pride. Our uniform reinforces a real sense of identity and belonging to the College.

The students are our greatest ambassadors. How they are presented reflects upon both themselves and the College as a whole. We are rightly proud of our pupils and students and expect their pride to be reciprocated through their own presentation. 

The current uniform has been as it is for many, many years. When we asked the pupils and students about it, they commented on how dated it looked and how uncomfortable and itchy it felt and welcomed the opportunity for a more contemporary and comfortable design. 

We also wanted to create a uniform that was not only largely transferrable from one school to the other, so at the end of Yr6 parents wouldn’t need to buy all new again for Yr7, but also one that continued to reinforce our One College identity.

How was the new uniform designed?

We invited our current uniform suppliers and other well recognized UK uniform specialists to present their suggestions and designs to a varied group, which included students. Once we had compared them all, we made the decision to keep with two of our current on-island providers, Lyndale Sports and JSSK. Both these providers are extremely experienced retailers and offer both a physical space to try items and an on-line option for ease of purchase.

What does the new uniform look like?

The main elements of the new uniform for both schools can be seen on the photos above. There is an extensive list of available items, some of these are part of the compulsory items that will be required, and some are optional extras. The material and designs have been chosen in consultation with a student group and is softer to touch and more contemporary. Feedback from the pupils and students, who have been involved in critiquing the ‘new look’, has been overwhelmingly positive towards the proposed changes.

Will the uniform change between winter and summer?

There will no longer be a specific winter or summer uniform. Students can choose to wear whatever item at whatever time of the year. This will save on cost and limit the impact on the environment.

How much will the new uniform cost?

Doing a price comparison with the existing cost of the current uniform shows that there is, in fact, very little difference in cost between most of the old and the new items – something which we were keen the suppliers were careful to ensure.

When will the new uniform be launched?

The new uniform will be fully launched in time for September 2022, however some PE items are already available. It is expected that any pupil or student starting at either JCP or JCG in September will wear the new uniform. However, those with the existing uniform will be allowed to continue to wear that until it needs replacing. This will lead to a phased-in approach over an extended period; it is hoped that all pupils and students at both JCP and JCG will, as they grow and uniform is replaced, have the new uniform design by the start of September 2024.

My daughter is in Y8, do I need to purchase a new uniform?

No, you only need to replace as she outgrows or wears out her current uniform.

My daughter is at JCP and will need a new uniform soon. Will I need to buy a brand-new uniform when she goes to JCG?

If pupils from JCP have the new uniform design you will not have to buy new uniform simply because they move from Y6 to Y7. However if she is in Y6 and in the old uniform, she will need the new uniform for Y7 at JCG. The single uniform will save on cost and limit the impact on the environment.

What will happen to the old uniform?

We will be collecting any old-style uniform in due course with a view to finding a suitable charity who will be able to ensure it goes to good use elsewhere.

Where can I buy the new uniform?

Jersey College uniform is available from Lyndale Sports and JSSK.The JCP PTA (for JCP) and the Jersey College Foundation (for JCG) will in time also run second-hand uniform sales of the new design at regular intervals, giving parents an opportunity to purchase good quality items at reduced prices.

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