De Putron Challenge


This week, Year 6 took part in the De Putron Challenge. We went to the Radisson Hotel to battle 19 other schools in a quiz contest. There were 3 competitors, 3 heats, and we were in heat 2. My Friend and I were feeling very nervous, but my other friend was completely calm. We had a desk, with water, pens and microphones on. We also got a buzzer each. The buzzers for each team made a different noise, we had a car horn! In the end, we won our heat.
The rest of our year were cheering really loudly, and everyone else in the room kept looking at them! They made lots of different letters, spelling out GO JCP BRAIN BUSTERS! (our team name) and they had a chant (if something’s hard in the question book, who do you call? BRAIN BUSTERS!).

Because we won our heat, we went through to the final! We had to battle against: St Mary, St Georges, and Helvetia House schools. If we got a question wrong, they deducted points. Eventually, we came 3rd overall, winning £150 for the school! I felt proud and relieved.

School Journalist