10 on the 10th


Congratulations to Bea in year 6 who was awarded the Belong trophy this week for the Eco campaign that she has started!

Since learning about Plastic pollution in Year 5, Bea’s been really interested in pollution in the environment and how she can make a difference, so she came up with an idea to get everyone involved in looking after the island and our world a bit better.

With her parents help, she has launched the ‘10 on the 10th’ campaign! The idea is for people to pick up 10 pieces of litter on the 10th of each month. It’s as easy as that, no matter how big or small the litter is; then recycle or throw it away responsibly.

Something totally achievable and hopefully that will make people more aware of litter so they will pick it up on other days too! With her parents help, she has set up a Facebook campaign page which has already got a good following from around the island (and further afield). With people posting photos of the things they have found and the great bags of litter they have collected!

We love the idea and are really proud of Bea! We hope to join up as a school and would like to encourage you all to sign up and support #10onthe10th

Here is the page: https://www.facebook.com/10onthe10thjersey/