Admissions During COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Parents,

As we find ourselves in this ever changing and unique situation in relation to COVID-19, we are adapting as quickly as we can to ensure that during these unprecedented times, we can administer your applications and answer your queries as they come in.

Please do note that there may be some degree of impact on the timing of response to you in relation to your admissions queries.  I will endeavour to respond to all your queries as soon as possible, but please bear in mind that I will be working remotely and will only be contactable over email.

I would encourage you to please read through our website thoroughly as you should find all the answers you are looking for here. Of course I will be available over email  should you have any other queries and will be delighted to help.

Waiting List enquiries for Jersey College Prep

For waiting list queries, please note whilst the schools are closed, I will not be able to provide details of where your child is on the current wait as frequently as I had been able to in the past for access reasons and working remotely from home. However please be rest assured that if there is a vacancy to the waiting list and your child is due to be offered a place, I will be in touch with you straight away. Your kindness and co-operation with this is greatly appreciated.

For Reception 2022 Enquiries and Applications:

Any children born between 1 Sept 2017 and 31 August 2018 will be applying for reception entry in 2022. Please note registration Dates and deadlines below.  Applications will not be accepted before the start date and deadline dates indicated below.

Birth Date

Reception Entry Year

Start Date for applications

Deadline for Applications

1 Sept 2017- 31 August 2018


1 Jan 2020

30 Sept 2020

1 Sept 2018- 31 August 2019


1 Jan 2021

15 Sept 2021

1 Sept 2019 – 31 August 2020


1 Jan 2022

15 Sept 2022

1 Sept 2020 – 31 August 2021


1 Jan 2023

15 Sept 2023


Whilst the schools are closed we will require a completed scanned application form, together with an administration fee of £75.00. Cheques will not be accepted and so would ask you to please make payment by BACS. Details of the this are on the application form or on our webpage

Once I receive the scanned application form and confirmation of payment by BACS, I will process this and register your child for the ballot process accordingly. I will then send you an email acknowledgement.

Please refer to the admissions policy below so that you can review the process in respect to your child’s application.

Kind regards

Kate Robertson 

College Registrar